URmyBoyBlue - Ann Arbor

Rose Bowl - 2005


Michigan vs. USC

It was definitely shaping up to be a rough morning ... We were up til' 4am bringing in the New Year, passed out for an hour; then in the RV and on the road up to Pasadena by 6. It wasn't pretty. Even the RV had a huge gash in the side from using it as our personal transportation the night before. But, the streets were clear and we rolled right into the heart of the Rose Bowl golf course, where a collection of (mostly) USC fans had parked their recreational vehicles over night. I was the first to fall out of the RV. It was so quiet! The only thing that could be heard were the birds in the distance. As I was getting a good stretch and yawn, I didn't notice my boy, Bryan, setting up a small card table and pulling out a huge stereo he purchased from Target. Like a wake-up call those USC fans will never forget, be hit play and I will never forget the first words that BLASTED from the system... Maestro's "Table Dance!" Game On!

I was rolling on the ground in laughter watching all the sleepy-eyed USC fans coming out of their RV's in horror. And, it quickly escalated from there! I can pretty much say for certain that we had the best tailgate at the Rose Bowl. Another friend rolled up with his crew we knew and parked right next to our party. The inside of their RV was used as a dance club until 3 the next morning. Everybody was having a great time and getting really drunk. In the end, we had a ton of USC fans join us, because of the sheer amount of noise and BOOZE! How could we say no: we are the classiest fans around ... Ummm, and their women were gorgeous!!!

We ended up losing that game (the first of three Rose Bowl losses in a row... ugh), but that tailgate party made it a lot easier to enjoy. Never underestimate the power of Rap music "turned up to 11" at 6 in the morning ...


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