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2008 - The Year it All Started to Crumble


Wow! I knew it would be a tough season. I didn't hold onto any false hopes that we would have a good or above average season. WE WERE STARTING A WALK-ON QB! I only hoped for 2 upsets... something to give us some memories, a celebration and something to give us hope about the future. Well, Wisconsin gave us one; but it can't really compare to all the stats that we will have to live confirming that THIS is the worst season in Michigan Football history. It is just amazing:

First loss to a MAC team (and a poor Toledo team at that - thank goodness we didn't play Eastern or Western ... my boys never would have let us live it down.)

The first 8 (or 9) loss season in the history of the program. (It doesn't matter to me that we haven't always played so many games - look at the other facts.)

Getting beat at the Big House a record 5 times.

The end of out 33 year bowl appearance national record. (1974)

Ohio State Favored to win by 19 (matching largest spread in series history.) And, if we lose, that will be 5 straight and also a series record.

Now, those are stats I don't want to see in any book!

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