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The Info We Don't Know!


Dear Mr President.

Thank you for never losing your cool when people criticize or attach you over issues, when the public actually doesn't know the full story! I can only imagine the times when things were very complicated "behind the scenes" of some issue, but you couldn't share that information to calm the attackers. Any other (normal) human being would have broke and said something like, "You don't know!" and thus causing problems with the situation you were dealing with... You always handled it with grace and elegance.

My only concern is whether any future President will be able to stand these times without impeachment, resigning, etc... It takes a super-human personality to handle the 24 news cycle and the niche problems / advocated you have to face in this day and age... But, you could... You did... You're an amazing man.

Sincerely, Your Biggest Fan

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