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YOU KNOW My Iranian Parents both Proudly Served the USA!


Dear President Obama:

I don't know where to begin with this letter but let me start at the place that I only know best because it is what you embody for me: gratitude. I have so MUCH gratitude that we were blessed with not just the first African-American President for eight whole years, but a person of such incredible integrity, intelligence, compassion and unrelenting commitment to this country that you HAVE made America great again and a country I am proud to be a part of when I travel the world. You have changed my life and millions of others the past eight years. I am very sad that this is the end of our time together.

The thing is, President Obama, both of my parents are 1st generation Iranian-American immigrants who served the US government their whole careers. But, they are everything people who support Donald Trump hate in their blind ignorance because of their small-minded prejudice and refusal to accept who makes America "great." My father proudly served as the 1st naturalized Iranian-American citizen in the US Air Force starting in 1978 working his way from captain to lieutenant colonel and proudly serving as reserves after 20 years of service. My mother worked her way up from a GS-9 to a GS-17 in the Marine Corp and Navy until she passed of cancer in early 2016. My parents ARE the American dream. They had accents, they faced prejudice and fear, they had little when they started this life and still gave everything they had honestly and with hard work. They created a wonderful middle class life for their three now very successful American born daughters who only had opportunities because of their hard work AND because kind, wonderful compassionate people like yourself that created opportunities.

So thank you! For never giving up on people "like us." For killing Osama Bin Laden and for having hope in the Iranian people. For taking us from the depths of the worst economy to an economy where my husband and I can't find someone to do a "small" construction job in our house because everyone is so busy with big jobs (a good problem to have). Thank you for opening America to the world and for not bring afraid to take a stand even when you faced a Congress filled their own hate, prejudice and bias because of the color of your skin. Thank you for showing the world that a man can marry his equal and have a wonderful loving marriage and family with someone who is just that. Thank you for believing in smart, intelligent strong women who can make the world a better place.

I will be very saddened by your departure in November because you are rare person - a person of commitment and action. I truly believe that is because you never forget two things when you do this job everyday: your integrity and your compassion. And how sad I am that we have so little of both in our world today. But, one thing I do know: your legacy will reflect greatness. They will say: one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States was a black man who made the world better for everyone.

When the first woman becomes the President of the United States in November, I hope people understand that the time of fear and ignorance that was once a dark part of this country's history is over. And that one day, Sasha and Malia Obama can be President too and no one will have to say " we have a female African-American President" but rather that they will say we have a kind, compassionate committed person of action who we are honored to have serve us, just as their father did.

Thank you, President Obama. I can't thank you enough for all you have done in serving this country. Don't ever, ever forget about the millions of lives you touched and changed.


Jasmin Rinna

Ps. Thank you for the wonderful letter you sent back to my mother when she was very sick after I wrote to tell you her story. You made her day. She loved you until the day she died.

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