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The Surprise is On You!


I has always thought that I would pop the question in some wild and unique fashion. For better or worse, I am almost ADD about being an original. Well, when the right last came around and the time was just about perfect, I had no idea what I was going to do?

We had a trip to Hawaii coming up, but that would be a plan that millions of others have had. As beautiful as that setting would be, I had to do something else. Maybe this would be unique in the way that it was just the two of us in a very calm setting...? After all, my birthday was a few weeks away and we had Tuesday Night plans to celebrate at a nice restaurant in LA. I could do it after at the beach, maybe? It would be nice to do it on my actual birthday as a way to show that everything mine is now hers, including my birthday.

Well, the idea came to me... In my garage. I was cleaning up a bit and I found a bag on the ground. I looked in it and there were "Happy Birthday" party hats... She was throwing me a surprise party! This could be my chance.

I would feel it out the night of, if it indeed happened.

When it did happen, I was getting nervous. I walked into a huge, "Surprise!" but my mind was elsewhere. I was hugging my friends and laughing, but in my heart, I was getting serious. It seemed right. Did I remember what to say???

The night was moving on. The drinks were going down quick. Some friends approached and said they had to split... It was time.

Here's how it went down:

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