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From Chemistry Zero to Chemistry Hero in 2 Weeks!


I went into the Organic Chemistry final being a bottom 5 student out of 1500 kids… And, got the highest score in the class!

I had a tutor for 2 hours a day for 2 weeks. I had to pass, it was my only graded class during my pledge term of my fraternity (in which I was pledge class president, so basically getting hazed for everything I did wrong AND everything anybody else did wrong!!!)

I was summoned to the professor’s office, where he informed me that they thought I cheated, tracked down my tutor and, then, believed I did the work. He congratulated me for being the only person to get the highest grade on the final without having an A going into it… Not, alone, having and F!

Postscript: That tutor was given and strong recommendation and got a job with the amazing work she did with me.

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